VisionSR - Product Information


Our flagship product, ViSionTM, is a simple, versatile, and powerful multimedia structured reporting solution for use in any image-based medical discipline, including radiology, pathology, cardiology, gastroenterology, dermatology, and genomics.
One Life, One Report, One ViSionTM
ViSion works by capturing key medical images and voice descriptions, tagging images with metadata describing anatomical locations and diagnoses, and assembling a multimedia report. ViSion links image findings from serial examinations in graphical disease timelines and presents the results in a composite display; thus, a patient's entire medical history can be easily accessed from a single view!

ViSionTM - How It Works

Entire medical record accessed
from a single view

  1. Captures images + voice
  2. Tags with metadata
  3. Creates multimedia report with disease timelines


Integrates data from multiple modalities

Key advantages:

  1. Simple — fits a medical specialist's natural workflow of identifying findings and talking about them while simultaneously creating structured data
  2. Versatile — employs a comprehensive ontology that covers multiple medical disciplines with more than 12,000 diagnoses that have been translated to multiple languages
  3. Powerful — structured data supports advanced applications, including clinical trial management and data mining for population outcomes

ViSionTM can deliver a report in any language.